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    The Center for the Exploration of the Origin of the Universe is located on the Gwanak campus of Seoul National University. It is located in Building 45.

   We list several methods of transport from Incheon Int'l Airport to the Center, from cheapest to most expensive.


       FROM Incheon International Airport to CEOU Center 

    A. Airport Railroad + Subway (2 hr)

   The Airport Railroad Express (AREX) is located on the first basement (B1) floor of ICN. Trains run from 5:20am to 23:45pm, every 10~20 minutes. The fair is 3950 won (4 USD), and you will need to ask the cashier for a ticket to Seoul National University station.

   After riding AREX for about an hour, get off at Hongik University station, and transfer to subway line #2 (green line), which is a circulation line. Take the direction towards SNU station (counterclockwise), and after alighting the subway at the station, leave the station by exit #3.

   There will be several bus stops beyond the exit; stand in line for bus #5511 (the number will be written on the ground, or simply ask a student in line), which will cost an extra 1150 won (1 USD) in cash. Get off at the Institute of Energy and Resources (stop #7-1)


                                                                                              Seoul Subway Map (Click !)

     B. Limousine Bus (2 hr)

   There is a public airport limousine bus (#6003) which serves between Incheon Int'l Airport and Seoul National University. Purchase a ticket for bus #6003 and take it at bus stops 6A or 12B on the 1st floor of ICN (see figure below.) The ticket booths are located near the bus stops. The fare is 9000 won (8~9 USD), and the trip takes about 90 minutes. The bus runs daily from 5am to 8:45pm, once every 12~20 minutes.

                                                                                                Detailed Bus Route (Click !)

   After arriving at the main gate of SNU, which is about 20 minutes walking distance to the Center, it is advisory to take the free campus shuttle. It circulates the entire campus counterclockwise along its boundary. Since the limousine bus stops just outside the main gate, walk inside the main gate for about 200m and ride the shuttle at stop #1. Get off the shuttle at stop #11, which is closest to building #45.

     C. Taxi (1 hr)

   Taxi stands are located on the 1st floor of ICN, between platforms 4D and 8C. Note that there are two types of taxis; black deluxe taxies are more expensive (about 100000 won, or 100 USD), while normal taxis cost about 70000 won, or 70 USD. Show the taxi driver this map, which has directions to the Center.

SNU Campus Map (Click!)
> Directions to Gwanak Campus (Click!)






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