>  Observing facilities

United Kingdom InfraRed Telescope (UKIRT)
   This is a 3.9m infrared telescope on top of Mauna Kea, Hawaii. CEOU uses UKIRT for about 30 nights per year to conduct IMS and other small programs such as GRB follow-up observations.

<UKIRT Telescope>


 2.Maidanak Observatory

   Through agreement with Ulugh Beg Astronomical Institute of Uzbekistan, a Korean consortium has access to the 1.5m telescope at Maidanak Observatory in Uzbekistan for 2 months per year, which is led by CEOU. The observatory boasts clear weather and excellent seeing conditions (median of 0.7"), on par with other excellent observatory sites.

<Maidanak Observatory>

<Maidanak Telescope>

<Maidanak's Friend>

   3.AKARI Space Telescope
   AKARI is an infrared space telescope launched by JAXA of Japan. The Korean community, especially the SNU group, has been heavily involved in AKARI studies. Naturally, CEOU uses AKARI data extensively, and is playing a key role in many AKARI programs.

   We also use other open-use facilities for our research through open competition or collaborations. Examples for such facilities used recently are the Spitzer Space Telescope, MMT 6.5m, Subaru 8m, CFHT 3.6m, KPNO Mayall 4-m, KPNO 2.1m, KPNO WIYN 3.5m, Palomar 5-m, Palomar 1.5m, CTIO 1.5m, BOAO 1.8m (Korea), Girawali 2-m (India), and  LOAO 1-m.

    > Computing facilities

   We have several servers for data storage, data reduction and analysis, and computations for  model computations.

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